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Terminids resemble gigantic bug creatures with deadly adaptations and instincts. In contrast to Automatons, almost all terminids use their claws to inflict damage on helldivers, with a few exceptions in form of units that possess long-range attacks. As such, terminids will attempt to rapidly close distance and surround helldivers. That results in most battles being conducted at close range and requires helldivers to always try to gain distance from bugs. Close-range and crowd-control equipment will be the most effective against the terminid faction.

List of Terminid Units[ | ]

Bile Spitter
Nursing Spewer 3
Hive Guard Render
Bile warrior tiny
Nursing Spewer
Hive Guard
Bile Warrior
Brood Commander
Bile Spewer II
Brood Commander
Bile Spewer
Behemoth II
Bile Titan Render
Bile Titan
Spore Charger
Alpha Commander

List of Terminid Structures[ | ]

TerminidNest Shrieker Nest Cropped Spore Spewer StalkerNest
Terminid Nest
Shrieker Nest
Spore Spewer
Stalker Nest

Terminid Biology and Morphology[ | ]

Terminids are a species of extraterrestrial insectoids, sharing many similarities with arthropods native to Earth, such as multiple limbs, insect-like mandibles, and an exoskeleton. Terminid hives rely heavily on spores, as they are present near every Terminid hive structure. This suggests that Terminids are either two separate species, one animal and one fungal working in a symbiotic relationship, or a single animal-like species capable of producing fungal-like spores. The existence of very fungal structures made to produce either spores or eggs further complicates their relationship.

Terminids are descendants of the Bugs fought in the First Galactic War, although they are considerably different, either due to large-scale genetic alteration by Super Earth or heavy mutation from confined populations. Either before or during the First Galactic War, Super Earth discovered that dead bug bodies decay into an oil-like substance which they named Element 710, the pursuit of which all but ensured that peace would never be an option.

With the end of First Galactic War, the Bugs were enslaved and put onto specific planets to farm them for Element 710. Super Earth then proceeded to perform genetic experiments on Terminids to increase their Element 710 production and possibly create new breeds. This experimentation resulted in the body chemistry of some Terminids becoming highly unstable, producing massive amounts of a highly acidic substance called "Bile". This resulted in creation of Bile breed, species of which are able to spew the corrosive acid at their targets. Other mutations resulting from this experimentation include gigantism and near invisibility.

Second Galactic War[ | ]

Recent breakthroughs by Super Earth scientists have produced a chemical called "termicide" which is lethal to Terminids but harmless to all other life forms. Thanks to the bravery of engineers and Helldivers, the worlds in the Umlaut Sector were secured via the distribution of termicide and the culling of 99.6% of all Terminids across all 4 planets. However, due to recent failures regarding the TCS towers, all 4 planets have been attacked by the Terminids and Meridia transformed into a super colony.

On March 21st, 2024, an evolution among the ranks of Terminids was confirmed by the Ministry of Intelligence. These Terminids are capable of flying, and were named Shriekers.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Terminids are reminiscent of the Arachnids from the Starship Troopers universe. They carry similar monikers, like being referred to as "bugs" and their homes as "bug holes". The objectives pursued toward the elimination of the bugs is similar to that seen in Starship Troopers (destroying their nests and cleansing planets of them). Similar biology can be seen between the Terminids and Arachnids as well, their forelimbs being of similar shape and the Tankers (ST) being alike to the Chargers (HD2); the Bile Spewers (HD2) to the Plasma Bugs (ST); Shriekers (HD2) to the Wasps (ST). They share similar strategies too, being: strength in numbers, melee preference strategies, swarm tactics, chemical warfare, and divide and conquer. "Stick together, Helldivers! They're just stupid bugs!"
  • The symbol that Super Earth uses to identify Terminids' presences resembles the one it used in the First Galactic War for Bugs.
  • Molted shells of Terminid Hive Lords can be occasionally seen throughout Terminid planets, suggesting that a century of rapid evolution has allowed them to attain even more advanced forms, but living individuals of whatever made these has yet to be seen.
  • Recently Terminids have developed immunity to the termicide, that has been previously spread by TCS Towers in the Umlaut Sector, and have now attacked all 4 of barrier planes, infecting Meridia to the point of no return in the process.
  • It’s helpful to note that unlike the Automatons, Terminid spawns may vary from mission to mission. These are as follows:
    • Pouncers and Bile Spitters seem to replace each other in the spawn table.
    • Nursing Spewers and Bile Spewers seem to replace each other in the spawn table.
    • Bile Warriors only appear if Bile Spewers and Bile Spitters spawn but DO NOT replace the normal Warriors.
    • As of Patch 1.000.400, Shrieker patrols now also have a chance of appearing as an operation modifier.