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Highly sophisticated, their civilization has endured for several hundred thousands of years. They call themselves the Squ'ith and are originally an aquatic species. These creatures dressed in ceremonial robes have managed to create a vast and extremely complex neural network for space travel.

The species have since taken their first tentative steps towards the stars, produced weapons of mass destruction in large scale and as such, they are something that the people of Super Earth cannot ignore.

Council Member2

"...the ones holding their alien, spaghetti-like, appendages on the WMD trigger."


Helldivers 2[ | ]

In Helldivers 2, the Illuminate are not present, as they no longer have any presence in the galaxy by the year 2184, having apparently been exterminated by humanity. The veracity of this extermination is unknown, though rumors suggest they may potentially return at a later date (this statement is not endorsed by the Ministry of Truth and has been reported to be expunged).

Trivia[ | ]

The Illuminate are reminiscent of the Protoss from the Starcraft games series, Eldar from Warhammer 40,000 and the Covenant from the Halo series. Like the Protoss and Covenant, the Illuminate utilize teleportation technology, support walkers, drones, energy weaponry, and energy shields. Like the Eldar and Protoss, the Illuminate appear to have mind-controlling powers.