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Hive Lord

The Bug Hive Lord is an enemy capable of creating new tunnels for the Bug hives and will, if left alone, perforate the entire crust of a planet with tunnels. As they are mostly underground, they are exceptionally hard to attack and get rid of. Therefore, any opportunity to assault a Hive Lord should not be squandered, and as they are extremely dangerous, bring the best you have when assaulting them.

Bugs Emblem Role Danger Weapons Resilience Armor
Master Extreme Poison Extreme Medium
Health Constitution Armor
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max
250000 0 0 3 default 30 175
back 300 400
Attacks Projectile


Crit Explosion










AP? Effects
Claw n/a n/a Direct 2.0 2000 yes yes no none
Anti-Personnel 2.0 100
Unburrow n/a n/a Direct 2.0 4000 yes yes no none
Anti-Personnel 2.0 100
Charge n/a n/a Direct 2.0 600 no no no none
Anti-Personnel 2.0 600
Poison Booger n/a n/a Direct 3.0 35 (tic) no no no Slow


Anti-Personnel 3.0 35 (tic)
Poison Circle n/a n/a Direct 10 0 no no n/a Heavy Slow

Medium Poison

Anti-Personnel 10 0

Tactics[ | ]

  • The Hive Lord is found on special, outlying planets which players can only access after accumulating 50 points of influence against the Bug faction. The mission terrain can be any of the four normal environments (desert, forest, snow or volcanic) on a large square map, however, only missions on snow retain their environmental hazard. If players choose a dropzone suitably far from the enemy then they will have all the time necessary to call down any Stratagems, with the Hive Lord only spawning once Helldivers are nearby.
  • Hive Lords are initially supported by several Elites which continually spawn from the edge of the battlefield. As the Hive Lord's health is depleted some Elites are replaced by Stalkers, then Brood Commanders and finally Impalers - with the climax of the battle featuring just the latter two enemy types supporting the Hive Lord.

Notes[ | ]

Each enemy Master is randomly named by combining a name and a title.

Name Title
Neptunea Venericardia the Burrower
Viviparus Calyptraphorus the Poisonous
Inoceramus Tropites the Monstrous
Monotis Pecten the Tunneler
Palmatolepsis Perisphinctes the Grub
Tetragraptus Dictyoclostus the Old One Eye
Paradoxides Mucrospirifer

Trivia[ | ]

  • Although it does not make a live appearance in Helldivers 2, skeletons of Hive Lords can be found on Terminid planets.
Bugs Emblem

Scout Vanguard Shadow Stalker Warrior Elite Brood Commander Impaler Tank Behemoth Hive Lord

Illuminate Emblem

Observer Watcher Obsidian Observer Hunter Tripod Strider Apprentice Outcast Obelisk Illusionist Council Member Great Eye

Cyborg Emblem 2
Helldivers 1:Cyborgs

Initiate 'Squadleader' Soldier Legionnaire Hound Grotesque Immolator Comrade Berserker Butcher Hulk Warlord Infantry Fighting Vehicle Siege Mech