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Fully upgraded EXO-44 Walker
Arm-mounted MG-II minigun

"The pinnacle of Helldiver weaponry; the EXO-44 is a manned walker armed with the MG-11 minigun and eight anti-infantry homing missiles."
- Armory Description

Helldivers[ | ]

Stratagem Code[ | ]

Players must enter the following sequence, using the controller d‑pad, in order to call down this single-use Stratagem during a mission:
Arrow 2 LArrow 1 DArrow 3 RArrow 4 UArrow 2 LArrow 1 DArrow 1 D

Unlock Requirement[ | ]

The EXO-44 'Walker' Exosuit is granted to the player as a reward for completing all the missions on its associated planet (typically a medium-low level planet - difficulty 4 to 6).

Upgrades[ | ]

Upgrade Cost Effect
Strat EXO-44 Walker Exosuit mk1 Mk1 Basic variant, no upgrades.
Strat EXO-44 Walker Exosuit mk2 Mk2 Research-point 2 Increases the ammunition supply and stability of the minigun.
Strat EXO-44 Walker Exosuit mk3 Mk3 Research-point 3 Upgrades the missiles to armor-piercing, anti-tank missiles. Stratagem name changed to EXO-44 'Stomper' Exosuit.

Detailed Statistics[ | ]

For a detailed overview and comparison of the statlines for Helldivers, their equipment and all enemies, check the Detailed Statistics page.

Health Constitution Armor
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max
1000 0 500 60 default 0 1000
Attacks Power Crit AP? Effects
Crush n/a n/a no explosive
Minigun 75 110 no n/a
Missile n/a n/a no explosive
Area/Explosive Anti-Personnel Direct Ignore AP? Effects
Radius Power Radius Power Armor Shields
Crush 1.0 80 1.0 80 no no no n/a
Missile (original) 2.5 250 1.5 600 no no no n/a
Missile (upgraded) 2.5 250 1.5 2500 no no no n/a
Vehicle Exploding 3.0 200 2.0 200 no no no n/a
EXO-44 Minigun Detailed Analysis
Weapon Info Additional Notes
Weapon Category Machine Gun
Fire Mode Full-auto
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Damage 75 75
Center Mass Damage 110 110
Status Effect None None
AP Ammo Armor Reduction 0 0
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Cyclic Rate of Fire (RPM) 1500 1500
Capacity 1000 2000 Requires Mk2 upgrade
Spread 2.5°* Fixed firing pattern; * Requires Mk3 upgrade
Max Range 25 m 25 m
Bullet Spread Simulation todo
EXO-44 Missile Launcher Detailed Analysis
Weapon Info Additional Notes
Weapon Category Missile Launcher
Fire Mode Full-auto
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Damage 0 0
Status Effect None None
AP Ammo Armor Reduction 0 0
Base Upgraded Additional Notes
Cyclic Rate of Fire (RPM) 480 480
Capacity 4 8 Requires Mk3 upgrade
Spread Fixed firing pattern
Max Range 100 m 100 m
Bullet Spread Simulation todo

Gameplay Tips[ | ]

Screenshot 539 Screenshot 539b

A Stratagem launcher
  • Stratagems can be used from inside the Exosuit. Since they are launched from a tube there is no throw charge up, and the beacon always goes about half of the on-foot maximum thrown distance. A yellow warning light on the Exosuit's shoulder-mounted Stratagem launcher indicates that a beacon has been readied.
  • The EXO-44 is armed with the same MG-11 Minigun used by the A/MG-11 Minigun Turret. Ammo capacity is 1000 rounds, 2000 when upgraded. It also carries 4 anti-personnel missiles, 8 when upgraded.
    • While the upgraded EXO-44 'Stomper' has anti-tank capable missiles, it is still not useful for destroying mission objectives such as Cyborg AA, Bug Nests and Illuminate Beacons. Because the missiles home in on enemies, rather than mission objectives, and because it is very hard to set up the shot required, other dedicated anti-tank solutions are preferred.
  • Vehicles are larger than Hellpods, requiring more space to deploy. They can land anywhere within a fairly wide radius of the beacon that called it in. In rough terrain, this can lead to the vehicle being deployed on top of unsuspecting Helldivers.
  • When calling in multiple stratagems, it is advisable to deploy any vehicles only after all equipment-bearing Hellpods have arrived. This is because Hellpods will instantly destroy any vehicle they land on.
  • Empty/abandoned Exosuits can be used as ad hoc decoys, not least against enemy hordes closing to melee. This is something of a last ditch tactic though, unless say, that you were already going to be calling down and transferring to a 'fresh' Exosuit or other vehicle.

Notes[ | ]

  • The EXO-44 'Walker' Exosuit Stratagem was rebalanced in Patch 1.04. It is now delivered with a smaller ammunition reserve for its minigun (total ammo reduced from 3500 to 2000).

Helldivers 2[ | ]

Shortly after the game's launch, the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit was added to Helldivers 2 on March 8th, following the liberation of the Tien Kwan Planet. This mech looks like a revamped EXO-44 Stomper Exosuit. [1]

Gallery[ | ]

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